Holonic transforms software from a compounding liability to a scalable, secure, efficient asset.

Traditional design or construction approach of code development has created an industry-wide systemic problem: Although it is expedient in the short term, it will cost more to correct over time. Technical debt hampers modernization and presents a strategic challenge to organizations in the longer term. Holonic has the solution.


Holonic’s disruptive AI drives a solution that radically changes the cost, scale, speed, and quality of software development – creating a capability which is otherwise unavailable on the market.

Holonic’s AI platform, CodeIntent®, was developed over more than two decades of R&D. The platform employs a proprietary algorithm which offers three core capabilities:

  • Code Optimization: Identify and repair flaws in intent and implementation
  • Language Agnostic Conversion: Convert any software stack to any language, architecture or platform
  • Code Security: Identify and correct security issues

About Holonic

Holonic Technologies provides a deterministic, semantic, AI-driven, machine-learning platform called CodeIntent® that transforms existing software on any stack to a proprietary canonical form, allowing Holonic to refactor the original software, identify and repair flaws in the intent and the implementation, and regenerate the software in a customer-specified language, architecture, or platform. CodeIntent® automatically rectifies its customers’ code inefficiencies, eliminates compounded technical debt, and provides optimized code for efficient ongoing development. CodeIntent® has been under development for over two decades. Holonic Technologies is headquartered in Atlanta, GA, with research and development based in Tucson, AZ.